Feature in release-

1. Design- Interactive design.

2. Email verification based Sign up and user management functionality.

3. Login- For good user experience with login and forgot password functionality with informative interactive popup.

4. Taking Booking- Enable users to book RT Ent and Pro (book now).

5. Payment Gateway Integration (Crypto & Fiet both) - Enable users to pay against users with respect to their booking either in crypto or fiet (Amount to be paid by any method will automatically be converted and shown by system itself).

6. MetaMask (Crypto)- through ETH and USDT.

7. Fiat - Credit card .

8. Informative basic Dashboard - Enable users with all their information about purchased Rametron, Profile management and transaction history with status time, payment method.

9. Email- Email notification to the user (Billing etc) to have a better experience.

10. Chat Support- For better experience chat support for users for any of their query.

Key feature in release-

1. Design- Interactive design.

2. Improved Performance- Code optimization and used file optimization for improved performance.

Key feature in release-

1. Integrated Rent payment module with email Reminder.

2. Feature to manage all type of Rametron at one place.

3. Implemented new design.

4. Improved performance.

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